The Bicycle Library

“Around two years ago, one of my friends on Facebook posted that- she is leaving Ahmedabad & wants to give away all her books to her friends here. The next day I reached her place & collected a few books. After seeing my love for books she assured me that if no one else comes to get the other books then she will give away all those books to me. Few days later, she gave me around 70 books which I carried on my bicycle & brought them home. I live with my family in a one bedroom apartment where there is hardly any extra space, hence the very first question my parents asked me was- where will you keep these books & what will you do with them? I said that I will distribute these books to people. I started the initiative called Bicycle Library where I deliver those books to people on my bicycle & in return they can either donate Books, Toys, Clothes, Food or even a Smile. The initial response was overwhelming- just within the first few months, all those 70 books were distributed but in return I had received around 200 books from those readers. I still remember there was a time when I had 500 books at my home & my neighbors used to think that I am crazy to distribute those books for free. But my passion to share wisdom through books can’t be understood by others. It’s been 2 years now, where I have delivered more than 400 books across all the zones of the city & that too on a bicycle. There are days where I’ve cycled 40 kilometers after my work just to deliver that one book because I believe that a book can definitely change a life. So far, the experience with the people has been extremely delightful. There have been times where after reading a book people have texted me to express their gratitude. Often people also donate clothes, toys & food which I try to distribute amongst my neighbourhood. To be honest, sometimes it does get difficult to manage everything as I am the bread earner of our family, & at the same time, I am also pursuing my Masters but it’s my passion which keeps driving me & my bicycle to distribute the books.”

Source – @humansofamdavad

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Thinking Tree is an initiative by a community of thinkers who endure that it is valuable to share our empathetic and learn from one another through the medium of books, intense conversations, formulating curiosities, and showing humanity.

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