Unwinding travels

Traveling afar,

I set my foot in the diverse state nestling near Arabian Sea.

From the dry salty desert to humid coast regions,

With the morning breakfast to,

Insomniac night city hustle.

Travelling within the southern region 

Of this oddly looking state on India’s map

I sauntered into the roots,

Only to unwind within the connections.

Strolling on the breezy beach of Tithal,

Witnessing the glorifying sunset at the calming Saputara hills,

To biodivered treks in the tribal Dangs,

And experiencing the merriment of life in the diamond city,

Wandering from the greens to concrete,

Humility ignited with every passing kilometer,

As the folklores and the traditions were shared.

So, maybe travelling is more,

More than just backpacking the memory jars. 

Travelling is where,

the homely feeling sparks are experienced,

even when distant from one’s own.

And maybe to ultimately,

Be as a part of whole;

A part of us, and a part of them.

Published by Thinking tree

Thinking Tree is an initiative by a community of thinkers who endure that it is valuable to share our empathetic and learn from one another through the medium of books, intense conversations, formulating curiosities, and showing humanity.

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