We start as a seed in the soil we are sowed,

and absorb all the nutrients that help us sprout.

Breaking out of the shell, rising tall,

spreading the root wide to tightly hold the soil.

The firmness of the grip dictates how we thrive 

to withstand the sun, rain, wind and tides.

Deeper the roots, stronger is the tree. The process of growing and our roots intact determine the firmness which aids growth and paves way for others to grow and prosper.

Somasar, a small village in the Wadhwan district is a place which humbles you. The people there are mostly either farmers or they make Patola. And to see how they have modernized themselves yet stay true to their roots is what makes the place worth saving in my memory. Some places and settings we experience let us become a bit more than what we are! More aware, more humble, more spirited and more rooted. As a traveler, this is all I strive for!  

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