Donny Island

First time at Sea

It was November of 2012, the winter had just set in and it was time for a long due visit to the Dunny islands. I was thrilled to be on this tiny island with my family. We travelled from Ahmedabad to Bet Dwarka via Dwarka and an exciting ferry ride further was to land us at the island. 

The first sight of the sea at the ferry station took everyone’s breath away. We were going to sail in the unknown waters for the first time. The stirring adventure began with the ride. Our hair dancing with joy in the air, our scarfs trying to escape and our smile beheld. 

On reaching the Island, my sister and I couldn’t contain our excitement any further and ran towards the beach on the other side. Just as we were to step into the water, the instructor signalled for everyone to assemble. Keeping aside the disappointment of interruption, we went up to take note of the safety instructions and living arrangements for the trip. For the entire duration, my attention was caught by the sound of the waves hitting the shore as I stood there, captivated by the ecstatic beauty of nature.

As soon as the instructor freed us, we raced again towards the water. Running barefoot, the first touch of the wet soil gave me butterflies and I slowed down, letting the soil titillate me and when the first wave of water hit my feet, the experience was ecstatic! I felt goosebumps all over my body. The cold pebbles under my feet were tickling, the chilled waves of water were washing my feet, the cool breeze combined with warm morning sunlight brushed my face, setting my hair free in the air. Right that moment, I wished the time froze.

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