Dhal ni Pol

Culture of pol,

From a pleasant place, 

To a beautiful time, 

With a cup of tea in chowk, Hope is spread everywhere, 

With cows aside in street, worship is everywhere, 

With women washing clothes and utensils in chowkdi, gossiping is everywhere, With old people sharing experiences at otla, knowledge is everywhere, With birds cheeping in chabutro, value is everywhere, 

With children playing at otla, happiness is everywhere, 

With people praying in deraser, belief is everywhere, 

With people standing in queue for water in khadki, discipline is everywhere, With celebrating festivals together in chowk, joy is everywhere, Wity running in narrow khadki, fun is everywhere, 

With playing with parents in khadki, laughter is everywhere, With playing Garba, unity is everywhere, 

With french haveli, preservation and art is everywhere, 

With chaos in itself, individuality is everywhere, 

And this everywhere is “Dhal Ni Pol”

Published by Thinking tree

Thinking Tree is an initiative by a community of thinkers who endure that it is valuable to share our empathetic and learn from one another through the medium of books, intense conversations, formulating curiosities, and showing humanity.

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