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“ અમે ગુજરાતી ”

Ever travelled through Gujarat and wondered what is the most amazing thing about Gujarat and Gujaratis?

the sweet people of Gujarat and the Gujarati language amazes me as in how a single language can have so many variations from slangs to accents. There is this Gujarati proverb which says that, ‘Baar gaav ae boli badlay’, this means that the language changes after every 12 kms in this region. The same language is twisted a bit as per the local comfort and a personal touch is added to it by every individual.

Gujarat is divided into three geographic regions: Kutch, Kathiyawad peninsula and mainland Gujarat. The variation of language can be seen in all of these regions. In the region of Kutch, there are Kutchi speaking people. This language is a combination of Sindhi and Gujarati language. In the regions of Kathiyawad, which is popularly known as Saurashtra, the language becomes even more friendly and welcoming. As Gujarati language developed in different regions, many other influences affected the written and spoken delivery of language. The traditional dialect is believed to be spoken in the regions around Ahmedabad and Baroda. Some of the popular dialects are Surati, Khakari, Kharwa, Kathiyawadi, Mehoni, Parsi – a version spoken by the Parsis who migrated to Gujarat from Iran and this version can be considered closest to the Surati version, East African Gujarati.

The coastal Gujarat that is the Kathiawar peninsula and regions like Surat, Navsari of South Gujarat are more cosmopolitan compared to the interior regions. These regions were amendable to cross cultural influences and there was a huge impact of traditions which came along with the people as they migrated to these regions for trade and employment. This migration brought people speaking languages other than Gujarati.  

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