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Pre pilot Project : Street library ,Ahmedabad

We live in a technologically advanced era that is on the verge of being taken over by virtual reality. Our society has grown to believe in and value Artificial Intelligence above Emotional Intelligence. In the process of competing with the world, we have made a shift from rooted practices of knowledge sharing of library searches,Continue reading “Pre pilot Project : Street library ,Ahmedabad”

Art of Gujarat

Mosaic is the decorative art of creating pictures and patterns on a surface by settingsmall coloured pieces of glass, marble or other materials of choice. Working on the same lines, the Karigari Studio offers an exquisite range of home decor products that will add a splash of colour to your place instantly and is alsoContinue reading “Art of Gujarat”

“ અમે ગુજરાતી ”

Ever travelled through Gujarat and wondered what is the most amazing thing about Gujarat and Gujaratis? the sweet people of Gujarat and the Gujarati language amazes me as in how a single language can have so many variations from slangs to accents. There is this Gujarati proverb which says that, ‘Baar gaav ae boli badlay’,Continue reading ““ અમે ગુજરાતી ””

Coastal communities

The coast is ‘not the end of the world’, rather it is initiation. The sea unites the regions with the movement of the seafaring population : traders, sailors, sufi and migrants exploring merchandise and destinations. The Gujarati seafarers were tandels, nakhudas, khalasis and others, who belonged to both Hindu or Muslim communities. They followed independentContinue reading “Coastal communities”

A tale of Emotions

શેડ્સ ઓફ પિડિયા- લાગણીઓનો દડિયો પ્રકિણ ૧૯: “ADAM” (ધ્રવુ નો એક અલૌડકક તાિો)  અમુક િાતો તમાિી િેસ્ટીનીમાાં ઈશ્વિે કોતિેલી હોય છે.  જે બદલવી અશક્ય છે.  સપ્ટેમ્બર 2018,  આખી હોસ્સ્િટલમાાં બીમાિીની સીઝન  પ ૂિબહાિમાાં ચાલી િહી હતી. વૉિડની બહાિ હાઉસફુલ નુાં બોિડ લગાવી  દઈએ એવી મનમાાં ઈચ્છા થઈ જતી. વૉિડમાાં જયાાં િણ િગ મ ૂકો જાણેContinue reading “A tale of Emotions”

Dhal ni Pol

Culture of pol, From a pleasant place,  To a beautiful time,  With a cup of tea in chowk, Hope is spread everywhere,  With cows aside in street, worship is everywhere,  With women washing clothes and utensils in chowkdi, gossiping is everywhere, With old people sharing experiences at otla, knowledge is everywhere, With birds cheeping inContinue reading “Dhal ni Pol”

Religion and Coast

Religion has become an important part of the coastal landscape. As the folklore suggests, Gods and Goddesses, Saints or ‘Pirs’ of the sea who, through their spiritual powers have saved the ships and crew from the disasters of the sea. On the coast, religion has to do with customs to ensure safe voyages, or aContinue reading “Religion and Coast”


A night in time,As our lives entangled in city glow,With our mobile screens, laptops, and social brag,With our vigorous lives, anxiety, and outrage.Being an old soul heart,I rescue from the tangible jungle to unveil a place,An impression bound forever,Full of darkness,Deserted lands,A quest with pizza and cigarettes,A stillness of music,Where breeze could be heard,Stars tickled, Continue reading “Endlessness”