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Dhal ni Pol

Culture of pol, From a pleasant place,  To a beautiful time,  With a cup of tea in chowk, Hope is spread everywhere,  With cows aside in street, worship is everywhere,  With women washing clothes and utensils in chowkdi, gossiping is everywhere, With old people sharing experiences at otla, knowledge is everywhere, With birds cheeping inContinue reading “Dhal ni Pol”


A night in time,As our lives entangled in city glow,With our mobile screens, laptops, and social brag,With our vigorous lives, anxiety, and outrage.Being an old soul heart,I rescue from the tangible jungle to unveil a place,An impression bound forever,Full of darkness,Deserted lands,A quest with pizza and cigarettes,A stillness of music,Where breeze could be heard,Stars tickled, Continue reading “Endlessness”

Unwinding travels

Traveling afar, I set my foot in the diverse state nestling near Arabian Sea. From the dry salty desert to humid coast regions, With the morning breakfast to, Insomniac night city hustle. Travelling within the southern region  Of this oddly looking state on India’s map I sauntered into the roots, Only to unwind within theContinue reading “Unwinding travels”