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Coastal communities

The coast is ‘not the end of the world’, rather it is initiation. The sea unites the regions with the movement of the seafaring population : traders, sailors, sufi and migrants exploring merchandise and destinations. The Gujarati seafarers were tandels, nakhudas, khalasis and others, who belonged to both Hindu or Muslim communities. They followed independentContinue reading “Coastal communities”


A night in time,As our lives entangled in city glow,With our mobile screens, laptops, and social brag,With our vigorous lives, anxiety, and outrage.Being an old soul heart,I rescue from the tangible jungle to unveil a place,An impression bound forever,Full of darkness,Deserted lands,A quest with pizza and cigarettes,A stillness of music,Where breeze could be heard,Stars tickled, Continue reading “Endlessness”


The Urge to Travel Just like the other human beings, I too feel the urge to move out from a trapped room. The fresh air that I needed, the human interactions that I lost, the fragrance of fresh blooming trees is missing; the sound of chirping, but most importantly the sense of freedom is lost. Continue reading “Hindsight”